Airtel & Other Operators might decrease Data charges coz of Jio soon

Airtel and other major operators of India might decrease 3G and 4G charges in coming future because of launch of Reliance Jio 4g. From the time, Jio has come up its been providing amazing offers even when its not yet officially launched. And giving 3 months free data, calls and sms is a one special kind of offer you never see. And it has given trouble to other operators since many people have left their company to use the Free offer from JIO. Even before official launch, Jio has already got more than million customers and this number is going to increase a lot more in coming future. Most companies don’t have 4G network in most places and limited only to big cities. While Jio is trying its best to launch it even in smaller cities and town which is going to give it an upper hand.

Airtel vs Jio data charges

According to leaked plan of Reliance Jio 4g, they are supposed to give tough competition to other operators as they are going to give 1GB 4G data in just Rs.99 while other operators like Airtel charge almost Rs.275 for 1GB. And if jio launches the plans at Rs.99 only for 1GB, there wont be any option for Airtel and other major operators other than decreasing the price because no one would Rs.275 when they are getting same thing in Rs.99 specially in India. Even if Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Docomo, etc don’t give it in Rs.99, they will have to bring it near to 2G rates that is around Rs.150. These companies can start by giving 3G and 4G speeds on the existing 2G plans and if there is still competition, reduce it even more. Hoping that Jio launches soon and other operators who have been charging us so much, reduce their rates as soon as possible which would be good for us customers.

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