BSNL comes up with 2Mbps unlimited broadband plan at Rs.1199

BSNL has once again come up with an amazing broadband plan providing 2Mbps unlimited at just Rs.1199 along with free calls all over India. This plan will be available for all users inĀ India from 9th September. Recently BSNL launched 1Mbps unlimited plan in Rs.499 and now they came up with 2Mbps unlimited which was due for a long time. There was a time when just 1Mbps used to cost more than Rs.1400 and now we can get 2Mbps plan in under Rs.1200. Its all Jio effect after all that all companies are trying their best to provide best plans to their users. Even BSNL woke from deep sleep this August only. And now they are giving so many offers to us. Its good in a way since customers do want competition between providers in order to get the best rate.

BSNL 2Mbps unlimited plan

Another good thing about this plan is that, they are providing free voice calls 24 hrs to anywhere in India. For other plans they provide free calls only at night time and on Sundays. So, this plan is going to save your money if you are into calls. Also the clarity of Landline is simply awesome. Govt has also issued notification to make minimum broadband speed to 2Mbps soon in future. And once that happens, we will get even more exciting plans from BSNL. Although it would be important to see what plans does Jio GigaFiber gives to their users. Since its expected that they would give really cheap plans for broadband users while currently users are enjoying 100Mbps for free until December. Anyways, in order to change your plan to 2Mbps unlimited, you will need to visit your nearest exchange and submit an application for plan change. The best part about BSNL is that, its available in almost all the parts of country, even small towns and villages while Jio Gigafiber is currently limited to big cities.

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