BSNL New Unlimited Broadband Plan 1Mbps unlimited in Rs.499

BSNL has launched a new broadband plan which is the cheapest 1Mbps unlimited plan until now from BSNL and it costs just Rs.499. And its a Combo plan and so there are no extra charges for Telephone. This plan gives 2Mbps till 2GB and upto 1MBps after that. This plan is really good and bang for the buck and has launched it at a perfect time while every company is trying their best to give best data plans to users. With launch of this plan, the 545 and 675 UL plans of BSNL would be of no use since both of them provide same benefits. Most users are gonna downgrade their plans to 499 now because no one wants to pay extra for same features. Maybe BSNL will give some extra GB in 675 and 545 plan but even that is not useful since that ends in a day. And if you are really looking for the cheap and best plan there is nothing better than the 499 plan.

BSNL Broadband 499 unlimited plan

BSNL 499 Combo unlimited plan will be available from 9th September on all india basis which means anyone from any part of country could use it. BSNL has been giving surprises in past few months. First they came up with minimum 1Mbps plan and now this. And its going to help them to aquire more users and also who were thinking to ditch BSNL to opt for JIO wont do it since the price is so low. BSNL has also announced an entry level plan for users who are willing to use BSNL Broadband. These users would get the same 499 plan in Rs.249 only for first six months and Rs.499 thereafter. Really lucrative offer for those who wanna join and become a customer of BSNL Broadband. Also, you get free calls from 9PM to 7AM and 24 Hrs on Sundays from your Landline to anywhere in India.

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