How to solve Frequent disconnection problem with BSNL Broadband

If you are a BSNL Broadband user, you must have faced frequent disconnection problem as its very common for BSNL users. Mostly the reason behind is the bad line quality from Exchange to your home. Also in most cases, the wires are too old or the underground cables are cut from several places which results in frequent disconnection. First thing to do in such cases is to make sure you are getting a clear line from Exchange to your home i.e. there is no noise in your telephone dial tone. Although there are many people who use only broadband and their landline is not even connected. I also have same configuration where I don’t use Landline phone at all. But I use it to check line quality etc time to time.

BSNL Broadband disconnection

So, before doing something yourself make sure to get your line checked up by the lineman of BSNL. Generally they do solve the problem but you might face the problem again in future (could be few weeks or months). My BSNL connection is so unstable at times that I don’t get signal in my telephone but my Broadband works fine. That’s the one reason I don’t use Splitter or landline because it means one more cut and extra wire if I use Splitter. Another thing I have experienced with BSNL in past several years of usage is that, when you are facing frequent disconnections, pull the RJ11 cable from modem and put it in your landline. I don’t know how it works but in my case, it acts like its sucking all the signal from exchange and after you put the cable back in your modem, you should expect stability. It atleast works in my case. Whenever I face it, I do the same and it works pretty well and in some cases even the SNR value increases. Although I don’t know whats the mechanism behind it but it just works fine for me. Just one minute of inserting the cable in your phone works and then you have to put it back to modem (works only if you are using broadband without splitter). So, if you are also facing frequent connection drop issue or link instability, then you could try this method and it might work. If it doesn’t then you need to get your line checked thoroughly.

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