How to use your Power Bank to run a BSNL or any Wifi Modem

If you have a Power Bank, you can use it to power your Wifi modem or router and get it running without any problems. Basically a Modem runs on DC which it gets from the adapter. The Modem I use is a Teracom Tad110 modem and I use it with BSNL Broadband but it shouldn’t be any problem even if you are using a different modem since most of them are basically same. The Powerbank I am using is the Mi 10400Mah which is good enough to provide long running time to any modem. The problem arises when you are living in an area where you face frequent power cuts or when you don’t have an inverter or a UPS. Even UPS doesn’t help in many cases since it makes an irritating beep sound and also many UPS’s turn off because of really low current taken by a modem. And in such cases Power bank is helpful since it wont make any noise and also give pretty good running time.

Power Bank to run a Wifi Modem

The process to make it working is pretty easy. All you need is an extra usb cable, it could be from a not working mouse or a usb cable or any cable with a usb port. Cut the usb cable from middle and you will many wires inside it but we need only Red and Black wire since they are the ones which are needed for power. So, get rid of other wires and just cut them out. Now, to connect it to your modem you will need the same size pin which goes inside the modem. For that, you can use the existing pin from the adapter supplied with modem or use a separate one if you have any old adapter at home. I used a multi pin from an old adapter I had.

Multi Pin adapter

If you use a separate pin, you wont have to join wires all the time there is any power cut. That’s all you need, now just connect the wires of both usb (black & red) and the pin which goes inside modem. It should work most probably now or else you can try changing the polarity. Now, if you have a good quality power bank like Mi or any other brand you will get good backup i.e. Around 5 hours from a 5000Mah power bankd and around 10 hours or more from a 10000 Mah power bank. Similary, you can use your powerbank to run almost anything which runs on USB.

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