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Welcome to my new blog, GeekFromEarth.com. This blog will deal mostly with tech news, gadgets, internet, and maybe sometime anything which seems interesting enough to blog about. Now you must be thinking why did I choose such a domain name. Well, the first reason is that there are no good short domain names available and even if there is any available, they are too costly and thus I went with this one. This is kind of different and easy to remember or speak. And mostly one needs their domain easy to remember so that people remember it or attract them to visit a blog or website.


I have been into blogging from a long time although I was out of it in past few years because of personal reasons. And now I am back to blogging. It all started with DigitalPoint forums back in 2009 and I still use it and you should too if you are looking for webmaster forums or wanna learn ways to make money online. Although its now much tougher than it used to be at that time but still you can do it if you learn it properly. You will see several interesting posts soon in upcoming days. Here is the link to the Facebook page of this blog – GeekFromEarth.

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