Which Smartphone to Buy – Apple iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 ?

Choosing between two Smartphones is tough specially when they are from same brand and look same and also have almost same specifications i.e. Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. The most important difference is the price difference of Rs.20K in between these two. If someone is willing to spend extra Rs.20K for a phone with almost same features then iPhone 7 would be good for them. But if you want to use Apple without spending much and still getting all the features, the iPhone 6s is the best option right now since its available around Rs.40K on most online sites. When we talk about looks or design, they are pretty much same except that new Camera and antenna lines. As a matter of fact most people like the camera design of the old iPhone 6s and even those grey antenna lines made the back of iPhone look much better than the recent iPhone 7 which looks too plain. Apple also stopped using the Space Grey color on iPhone 7 which was favorite of many users and if you are one of them then you certainly should buy the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7

Now lets talk about specs and hardware which also is not much different in both iPhones. Apple iPhone 6s comes with the Apple A9 processor and is a dual core phone with 2GB Ram while the iPhone 7 comes with Apple A10 processor ¬†which is quad core with 2GB Ram. There is a difference in processor and cores but still the 6s works pretty fast and almost same as the 7. You are not buying an android that you need the most powerful processor and more Ram, iOs works well even with the old iPhone 6 and 1GB Ram. Camera is also same on both smartphones (12MP) with minor changes which should not be a deal breaker for you. Although the front camera on the iPhone 7 is now 7MP compared to 5MP on iPhone 6 but that doesn’t matter much. The dimensions of both phones are also same just the new iPhone is 5 grams lighters. The one benefit you get in iPhone 7 is that its dust proof and water proof which is also not much important coz if you wanted those features, they were available already in many android smartphones years ago. And also you lose the headphone jack in the latest version of iPhone. All other features and specifications are almost same. So, if you want a great phone at an awesome price the iPhone 6s is a really good choice i.e. Value For Money. And if you want to spend extra Rs.20K just for a waterproof phone and no headphone jack, then you are welcome to buy the iPhone 7.

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